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POLICY: Subscribers may take 48 lessons in a calendar year, averaging 4 per month and will have the options to participate in up to two recitals per year. There are no make-up lessons in the case of last minute student absence or cancellation and any unused lessons will not carry forward into the next month. Teachers may cancel or reschedule with 24 hour notice.

Re-scheduled lessons need to be arranged with your teacher at least one week in advance or before 24 hours in the case of illness. Lesson time changes need to be approved by Cupertino Music Academy. Please allow one months courtesy notice before cancellation of subscription.

Group Classes

Trumpet 2‚Äč00 

For late beginners and intermediate level trumpet students

*Students must take private lessons for one semester before auditioning for the trumpet ensemble.

*Saturdays 2:15-3pm- Montgomery Hall 

(average 4 classes per month)

*First Class: 9/2/2023

Waiting List

Trumpet 300 

*Advanced students-audition required

*Saturdays 3:15-4pm- Montgomery Hall

*First Class: 9/2/2023

(Average 4 classes per month)

Waiting List

Music Theory and Composition 

*Saturdays 1-1:45pm Montgomery Hall

*First Class: 9/2/2023

All levels of musicians are encouraged to gather to work on music Theory and Composition with our expert faculty. Our curriculum spans ten levels of music theory and incorporates harmonic analysis and composition at all levels. Join us each week as we examine how music works, through score study, listening, melodic and rhythmic dictation, and harmonic analysis. This class is well suited for those pursuing the AP Music Theory Class.

Waiting List

Group Piano Beginners

*Saturdays 4:15pm-5pm

*Classes begin 9/2/2023

Waiting List

Max 5 students

Trial Lesson/Recital Fee

(We will refund your payment if no compatible timing is found for trial class)

Sign up for a 30 Minute Trial Class

Students are invited and highly encouraged to play at our recitals held twice per year! There is a 50 dollar recital fee that is waived for students who have subscribed to lessons for at least 3 months. Ask your teacher for more information about the next recital.