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*OUR POLICY: Students may take up to 4 lessons per month, on average, for a total of 48 lessons per calendar year. There are no make-up lessons in the case of  last minute student absence or cancellation- any unused lessons do not carry forward into the next month. Re-scheduled lessons need to be arranged with your teacher at least one week in advance or within 48 hours in the case of illness. Lesson time changes need to be approved by Cupertino Music Academy and the church. Please allow one months courtesy notice before cancellation of subscription.

Group Piano Class- (Please email for availability before subscription)

Saturday Morning 11:15 am-12:00pm and 12:30pm-1:15pm

Trial Lesson/ 30 Minutes

Start with a trial class! Class Scheduled by Appointment after Payment is Made

(We will refund your payment if no compatible timing is found for trial class)

$50/30 Minute Trial Class

Students are invited and highly encouraged to play at our recitals held twice per year! There is a 50 dollar recital fee that is waived for students who have subscribed to lessons for at least 3 months. Ask your teacher for more information about the next recital.